The Tried and True

The Ultima™ boasts a robust, heavy-duty design, and features the widest seat available today – a 24-inch wide seat; a 22.5″ rear wheelbase supported by solid dual wheels, and a powerful 300-watt hub motor. Rated at 1,000 pounds of moving capacity, with the optional jumbo basket, the Ultima™ also has the highest weight capacity rating on the market today! Create room for greater grocery carrying capacity, by upgrading to the jumbo basket, and increase your ROI even quicker!

Check out it’s features below!


Wider Seat

At Mart Cart we understand that customers/users come in all sizes and therefore we’ve worked on creating a model that can comfortably sit all customers. Now with a 24” heavy duty PVC free seat that is 6” wider than other Mart Carts the Ultima is designed for optimal comfort and accessibility to customers of all sizes.

Long Battery Life

A long battery life is crucial for the function of the electric shopping cart to meet the needs of your business hours. With 24-Volt dual batteries, the Ultima is guaranteed to run up for 12 continuous hours. We now also offer a 2-year parts, battery, and labor warranty for this model.

Hub Motor

This model runs on a 300-Watt Hub motor drive system with regenerative and dynamic braking that allows the cart to move more smoothly throughout your facility for the ease and comfort of your customers.