Model 3563

Sturdy & Reliable

100% RECYCLABLE electric shopping cart Store managers around the world trust Mart Cart® to provide safe, sturdy, reliable, electric shopping carts for worry-free customer service.

Check out it’s features below!


Hub Motor

Includes an exclusive Hub motor drive system with regenerative and dynamic braking that allows the cart to move more smoothly throughout your facility for the ease and comfort of your customers.

Long Battery Life

A long battery life is crucial for the function of the electric shopping cart to meet the needs of your business hours. The Mart Cart Model 63 includes a 12-Volt, 35 Amp hour battery for a long-lasting service throughout the day. We also now offer a dual option with the purchase of this model.

360 Turns

With a full 360-degree steering system that allows customers to do a full circle turn your customers’ mobility will no longer be compromised and they will be able to navigate around your facility much more swiftly. This feature is a great solution for facilities with tight spaces.