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Electric Models

Evolution 4

The Evolution 4 experience is the result of the innovators at Mart Cart benchmarking a completely new mobility shopping vehicle designed to enhance the user’s shopping experience while decreasing the stores total cost of ownership.


The Ultima™ boasts a robust, heavy-duty design, and features the widest seat available today – a 24-inch wide seat; a 22.5″ rear wheelbase supported by solid dual wheels, and a powerful 300-watt hub motor.

Model 63

100% RECYCLABLE electric shopping cart Store managers around the world trust Mart Cart® to provide safe, sturdy, reliable, electric shopping carts for worry-free customer service.

Manual Models

Care Chair

The Care Chair® line of shopping wheel chairs offers the same quality and reliability customers have come to know and expect from Mart Cart. The Care Chair is designed to meet strict design requirements. Unlike some chairs, which are made as cheaply as possible for retail use, the Care Chair is made to a high standard of quality with a 400-pound weight capacity.

Shopper’s Aid

The Shopper’s Aid will comfortably accommodate two children with safety belts or an adult passenger. It places passengers behind the shopping cart so there is reduced risk of accidents caused by arms and legs in the path of oncoming traffic or objects.

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