Evolution 4

The Latest in Mart Cart Technology

Continuing our commitment to provide the best shopping experience possible, the Evolution 4 is our latest and most advanced addition to the Mart Cart™ line. Designed from the ground up with the unique needs of today’s shopper and store in mind. The E4 is revolutionizing electric mobility cart shopping, building upon quality, performance, and value the Mart Cart is known for plus a whole lot more.

Check out the latest features below!


E4 Intelligence

With the new intelligent display, you can see charging status, state of percentage, hours of runtime left, the cart’s overall seat and motor hours as well as pop-up notifications to aid customer use and service needs.

The E4 is designed to monitor its status and provide useful information through the diagnostics menu on the interactive LCD screen.

The diagnostics menu makes it easy for you or a technician to gain real-time performance data for the E4. This information allows for quick and accurate diagnostics which help return the cart to the floor to service customers faster.

Charging Status

Diagnostics Menu

Boundary Alert

Guardian Perimeter System

Stop cart theft with the optional Guardian Perimeter System.Utilizing GPS technology, the E4 monitors itself within the boundaries you want. We’ll program the GPS boundaries for each cart before shipping to the store, so they arrive ready to go.

If customers take a cart outside the store the cart monitors itself within the zone you have set. When they start to leave the authorized operational area, the cart will warn the customer with a visual symbol and audible beeping sound giving them an opportunity to turn around. If they continue further the cart will stop, pause and run for five-second intervals until returned to the operational zone.

Onboard Bluetooth enables authorized personnel to reprogram cart boundaries in the field. This feature makes it easy to adapt zones to handle short-term needs such as parking lot construction or if moved to another store location.

Self-policing system that can be set uniquely to each store.

Advanced Battery Management

The ground-up redesign of the E4 focused our engineering team on reducing the total cost of ownership. As a result, we have developed the most advanced battery management system available today for use in a mobility cart. This system’s design will significantly increase battery life, greatly reduce your cost of ownership and ensure a positive shopping experience for your customer.

Leading the industry with our new 4-year battery warranty we’re doing our part in reducing real costs and environmental impact. Over seven years, the E4 should need only one battery change. Other electric shopping carts over the same seven years will require up to eight batteries.

10 AMP Charcher

39 AMP-Hour Battery

Lighted Cord